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Young Explorers

Project-Based Courses With Live Online Learning

Age 5-8
Age 9-12
Age 13-18

SCRATCHing the surface of programming (Junior)
By Noor Lalani     ONE-ONE

  16 Hours of Live Session

  8 Weeks

  16 Hours


math skills

Problem solving

SCRATCHing the surface of programming (Beginner)
By Noor Lalani     GROUP ONE-ONE

  24 Hours of Live Session

  12 Weeks

  24 Hours


Analysing systematically

Collaborating effectively

Scratching The Surface Of Programming (Level 2)
By Noor Lalani     GROUP ONE-ONE

  24 Hours of Live Session

  12 Weeks

  24 Hours

Programming fundamentals

Collaborating effectively

Logic Skills

Interest-Based Challenges

Challenges carefully designed to bring
out the different skillsets in a student

Easy 50 Points
Medium 100 Points
Easy 50 Points

Why alternate education at an Early Age?  

Putting Student in
Hot seat

We encourage student-centric learning by allowing students to decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn and when they want to learn.

Differentiating by Offering

Connecting learning to what student likes increases their involvement as they willingly spend time thinking, collaborating, and creating ideas to impact real world problems

Exposed to Career

Being exposed to careers and majors at an early age helps students figure out where they fit in best and what career pathway do they want to take when they grow up

Nurturing Student’s Creativity and Passion

Students need focus on school education, but also things like innovation and problem solving and creativity. Giving kids an opportunity to find different ways to pursue their passion.

Our Special Sauce

Learn what makes StudyTact unique

All our students get connected to our incredible advisor support team where every student gets 1-1 advisor support

Students or parents can get connected to advisors about any issues they are facing or even for feedback on the student’s progress

Our advisors are highly trained and go through a continuous training program

You will learn about real world application of skills and knowledge with our work simulation programs conducted by industry experts

These industry experts will take sessions on what it's like to do what they are doing

You can also get connected with these mentors for 1-1 sessions

We select our teachers carefully and teachers go through a teacher training program that improves their efficiency

We have hundreds of independent teachers, offering to share their knowledge

Our faculty is from the top institutes around the world like University of Houston, IIT, University of Maryland and more

Our curriculum focuses on hands-on projects for every class

Students work in groups or individually to submit projects and assignments

Our peer-to-peer network helps students build skills for the workplace

Experience a transformational online learning experience

Students don’t just watch videos but work with instructors in a live setting

Students can interact with instructors during the live sessions

All the sessions are recorded, and are accessible on the student dashboard

Building a Network of Lifelong Learning


Our teachers are vetted for academic and teaching experience


We have a strong community of students exploring the future


Advisors provide 1-1 support to both students and parents anytime, anywhere.


We are here to help you 24/7

Become a Teacher

Make a difference in a student’s life by becoming a StudyTact tutor!

Help students learn the skills they love!